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My brother Travis has brown hair,brown eyes
He weighs 71lbs He is 4.2 feet tall.He is
handicap.He can not walk,crawl,sit up,lay
down for a long period of time.He has Cerebral
Palsy,and he can't see ver well.Although he
is Handicap He likes many things.Like TV,
Nintendo,and listening to the radio.He needs
help with just about everything.Travis eats
special food called"pedisure" through a tube
in his stomach.He cannot eat like we do,He can
taste things like ketchup,ice cream,mashed
potatoes and many others.Travis loves subjects
in school such as Music and Library.He likes
all the kids in his class.Travis is a good
loving brother.He can make a lot of people
smile.He can give big hugs.Even thoug he is
special,He is just like us.
The End

This was written as a report in spelling
by Travis's big brother Keith.He got an A+.